To see every housing-vulnerable family in Chesterfield, and surrounding
communities, find a safe home and hope in Jesus.

The Story...

     Over the last several years, there has been an increase in homelessness and housing insecurity through North Chesterfield/South Richmond. Many factors play a part from increased housing costs to disability and everything in between. 500-600 people (conservatively) are considered homeless in Central Virginia on any given night. Existing resources locally are at capacity and the waiting lists range from weeks to years. Many families sleep in their cars, surf couches, or even under the night sky. Having tried many options like putting people in hotels to bringing people into our own homes, none of these options have proved sustainable by themselves.
    Eventually the choir room at Transformation Church RVA was converted into a temporary emergency shelter when the church became aware of a pregnant mother with 6 children who were sleeping in their vehicle as the night temperatures dropped into the teens. Families were housed in that emergency shelter for 8 months of 2023. The church also installed a camper for an elderly woman, abandoned by her family with no place to stay. These are just a couple of the many stories present in our community, especially for those with children.

Our Mission

Transformation Housing is a not-for-profit ministry center providing low-to-no income housing and support services. Initially, 2/3 of the ministry center will be used as low income housing (12 units). 1/3 of the ministry center will be used for a 18 month transitional housing program for families (6 units).  The ministry center will also acts as a hub for resources and help for the homeless on the Rt 1 Corridor and surrounding community in Richmond and N. Chesterfield, VA.

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